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Nutrients from Food & Supplements

Your body does not produce its own nutrients, therefore, it relies on the food you eat, or supplement you take, to deliver the level of nutrients (organic substances) it needs to function in a balanced and energised manner.

Our immune system also uses these nutrients to operate at an optimal level. We do not need all nutrients in the same quantities to function well. Some nutrients are needed by the body in large amounts and are known as Macro nutrients e.g. Protein, Fats, Fibre, Carbohydrates. Other nutrients are only needed in small amounts and are known as Micronutrients e.g. Vitamins, some minerals, phytochemicals and antioxidants. The exact amounts needed at any one time by any one person can vary, but the recommended daily average (RDA) can give us a guide to the amount the average person should consume to stay well nourished and healthy.

A key component in keeping well is to have a reliable and consistent source of these nutrients. With the seasonality of fresh food sources along with the varying quality and cost of fresh food, it is not surprising that people naturally look to supplements to ensure their nutritional needs are met each day.

Why a Different Supplement for Shift Workers?

Shift workers encounter many challenges not faced by day workers, even those working in similar roles. Rotating shift patterns can lead to dysynchronisation of the body’s natural body clock as shift workers work against their natural Circadian Rhythm.

Although shift work brings many lifestyle benefits, it is demanding physically, mentally and socially. Delivering many demanding but essential front line roles, through long and less sociable working hours, means many shift workers do not have the time or access to the healthy lifestyle they would want for themselves. Overtime this lifestyle can take its toll on health.

Knowing the tendency towards certain health concerns along with natural bodily wear and tear, one proactive approach is to provide some protection through nutritional intake.

BioThrive | Perfect for Shift Workers
BioThrive | Shift Worker | Total Health
Why BioThrive's Shift Worker Total Health?

Creating the correct nutritional environment for the body to function in a balanced, energised and protected manner, contributing to current and future health, is a key focus of the BioThrive’s ‘Shift Worker TOTAL HEALTH’ Food Supplement.

Developed from years of working closely with shift workers on their specific support needs, this is a unique product meeting a niche customer need through one convenient go to product which offers lower cost than purchasing many of the high quality ingredients it contains separately. With many supplements on the market offering varying degrees of general nutritional support, Total Health Shift worker is designed specifically for shift workers with their specific nutritional and health needs in mind.

Since taking Shift Worker TOTAL HEALTH, I have experienced a significant change in my wellbeing. I feel healthier and have a greater level of energy. I feel good about taking positive action to support my health, my only regret is not having found it sooner. I would encourage anybody who is working shift to invest now in their health.

Tropical Fruits

The Ingredients That Work Together To Make It Happen

What type of ingredients can I expect to find in Total Health Shift Worker?
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