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The Health Benefits of Plant Extracts

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

The Ingredients That Work Together To Make It Happen

What are Plant Extracts?

A plant extract is a substance or an active ingredient which has properties of benefit or interest that is systematically removed from the tissue of a plant to be used for a specific purpose. The plant extraction process is usually via treatment with a solvent – ethanol or water. Plant extracts can be put into a liquid, tincture, powder or absolute form depending on the strength or concentration required – pure extracts being the strongest.

What do they do for me?

Plant extracts normally deliver the targeted property they were extracted for.

What foods can I get these plant extracts from?

Extracts are taken from many spices, herbs, fruits and flowers.


Plant Extracts you can find in BioThrive Supplements

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is a traditional herbal treatment for the liver. The seeds of the milk thistle plant contain silymarin, a flavonoid (group of compounds) known for antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties.

Liver health-therapeutic compound and detox and positive bile impact, Diabetes and heartburn.

Liver / Detox / Digestion

Turmeric Extract - Curcuminoids

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