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BioThrive FAQ



  • What is BioThrive?
    BioThrive is an Irish award winning health and wellness brand. BioThrive is a niche market producer of innovative food supplements and essential oils which provide health benefits through the use of bio natural ingredients. The portfolio of nutraceutical and essential oil products addresses specific health areas.
  • How old is BioThrive?
    BioThrive was formally founded in Ireland in 2018. It’s offering has its foundation in a scientific development process dating back to 2015 in direct response to the needs of shift workers and individual’s with demanding lives.
  • Where in Ireland is BioThrive based?
    BioThrive is an Irish brand and is based in Little Island, Co. Cork
  • Why choose BioThrive?
    BioThrive’s products are specifically formulated around the real world needs of shift workers and those who experience demands on their health. BioThrive’s product range includes DEEPER SLEEP™ essential oil which aims to support all aspects of sleep, from relaxing into sleep to breathing and waking up having that good nights sleep feeling. ALERT™ essential oil which helps to provide a focused yet balanced level of alertness, for those who need a gentle boost, and TOTAL HEALTH™ available in its shift worker formulation ‘TOTAL HEALTH Shift Worker™’ food supplement and produced also in a more general formulation. Both versions of TOTAL HEALTH Shift Worker™ helps to support health e.g. adults’ immune systems and energy levels.
  • What Makes the BioThrive range different?
    BioThrive’s products are different as they provide innovative products which are borne out of real-world needs. TOTAL HEALTH Shift Worker™ is a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, plant extracts, nutritional oils, and live cultures. Therefore, it can be considered a full spectrum nutritional support and the first known of its kind specifically developed out of the specific health needs of shift workers. BioThrive’s DEEPER SLEEP™ oil is not just developed to aid relaxation, it is designed to support all stages associated with sleep. BioThrive’s ALERT™ oil recognises the need for a gentle alertness boost which does not impact on later sleep.
  • Who can use the BioThrive Range?
    Suitable for adults of all ages.
  • What is a nutrition supplement?
    Nutrition supplements are food products intended to supplement a balanced and varied diet. Nutritional food supplements deliver nutrients that may not be consumed in sufficient quantities in the average diet along with elements which the human body may not consume in adequate quantities to sustain health e.g. Vitamin D.
  • Does the BioThrive Range Include Vegan Products?
    Yes! Both DEEPER SLEEP™ essential oil and ALERT™ essential oil are vegan friendly! We hope to make a vegan option of the supplement available in the near future.
  • Does the BioThrive Range include Gluten Free Products?
    No. We hope to make a Gluten Free option of the food supplement available in the near future
  • Is the BioThrive Range suitable for Children?
    No. Currently, the BioThrive range is suitable for adults only.
  • Can I always get enough nutrition from my food?
    Today foods are produced with varying seasonal levels of nutritional value and quality. It is often hard to know exactly the range and quality of nutrients being consumed from your food. Add to this, demanding lifestyles which may allow less time to cook and consume a balanced diet, as well as the consumption of tea, coffee and alcohol which can impact the absorption of nutrients from our food.
  • How do you use the DEEPER SLEEP™ and the ALERT™ essential oils?
    There are a variety of ways that essential oils are commonly used: diffusion, topical (skin) application and baths. While there may be common methods of use, it is important to read the label and instructions specific to each essential oil blend to ensure you can gain the best health benefit.
  • What kind of ingredients go into the supplements?
    They contain a variety of Minerals, Vitamins, Live Cultures and Plant Extracts.
  • What are the 3 key ingredients used in the ALERT™ oil?
    Rosemary, Petitgrain and Grapefruit. • Petitgrain is refreshing and helps to fight fatigue. • Grapefruit lifts your mood and relieves tension. • Rosemary aids mental clarity, improves emotional balance and supports the nervous system.
  • What are the key ingredients used in the DEEPER SLEEP™ oil?
    Lavender, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Sage and Petitgrain.
  • What food should I eat to help the absorption of the food supplement?
    The ingredients in TOTAL HEALTH Shift Worker™ are supportive of absorption e.g. vitamin C will assist the absorption of Iron. Some ingredients, such as iron, normally work best when consumed with some food in one’s stomach, therefore it is recommended you consume TOTAL HEALTH Shift Worker™ at the start of your ‘day’ (be that later in the evening for shift workers) with some food.
  • Should I consult a doctor before I use the essential oils or health supplement?
    As with all health supports, it is advisable to consult your health practitioner who is best placed to advise on your specific health needs.
  • I’m pregnant. Can I use essential oils and the food supplement?
    TOTAL HEALTH Shift Worker™ food supplement is not intended for use during pregnancy. The use of any essential oils during the first trimester of pregnancy is not advised. If pregnant, one should consult your health practitioner prior to using any essential oil or food supplement product.
  • What will BioThrive do with the 1% of profits from Total Health Shift Worker  to support health and wellbeing of shift workers?
    BioThrive is committed to improving the lives of shift workers and those who simply live full and demanding lives. 1% of profits from the sale of TOTAL HEALTH Shift Worker™ is being invested back into initiatives, events and research relating to shift work.
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