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What Goes Into Our Supplement?

We look at the importance of nutrition, particularly in relation to shift workers, and explore the ingredients used in our Total Health - Shift Worker supplement.

Shift Worker Total Health

The innovative broad spectrum food supplement formulated specifically for shift workers. Contains scientifically tested ingredients in an easily consumable sachet format.

Total Health - SPECIAL OFFER  

21 sachets of our innovative food supplement formulated specifically for busy and active lives. Order now while stocks last!

Essential Oils

Bio-Thrive's ALERT and DEEPER SLEEP oils have been designed to tackle two key areas for those with busy lives - a need to stay alert at times of physical or mental demand and a need to aid restful sleep.


Bio-Thrive's ALERT is an essential oil blend used to support overall mental focus and clarity. Bringing together three key ingredients which may help achieve a balanced level of alertness.

Deeper Sleep

Bio-Thrive's DEEPER SLEEP is an essential oil that supports all stages of sleep - from relaxing into sleep, supporting breathing during sleep and providing a sense of restfulness upon awakening.

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