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An essential oil blend aimed at providing a focused yet balanced level of alertness.

Remaining mentally alert and focused can be a challenge in today’s busy world. Our level of alertness and clarity can be impacted by tiredness, diet, age, as well as disruption to our sleep routine. 


BioThrive Alert is an essential oil blend used to support overall mental focus and clarity. Bringing together three key ingredients which may help achieve a balanced level of alertness.

Alert is composed of oils which may aid with:


BioThrive | Rosemary | Alert


Rosemary is known for its culinary and herbal applications. As a stimulant, it acts as a tonic on the nervous system and offers a refreshing effect on the senses, whilst delivering antibacterial benefits.

Rosemary has a supportive effect on emotions by relieving mental exhaustion to promote clarity, which has led to its reputation as a memory aid.

BioThrive | Petitgrain | Alert


Petitgrain from the bitter orange tree, distilled from leaves and twigs, is used as a soothing oil.


It can be both relaxing and refreshing depending on the accompanying oils. It is known to support periods of high physical demand.

BioThrive | Grapefruit | Alert


Grapefruit offers refreshing and balancing properties.


It is recognised as an aid to the central nervous system through the relief of nervous tension, while giving an up-lift in mood.


Shift Over a 24 hour period, there are two opposing hormone signals operating in your body, one that keeps you ready for action (cortisol) and another which signals the need for sleep (melatonin). Your alertness level follows a natural rhythm, heightening and lowering across the day, with most people experiencing a natural dip around 3pm.


However, not all of life’s activities match this natural pattern. Sometimes you need to be alert even though your body is telling you to sleep. In this case, essential oils are a great natural alternative to caffeine, as they can also cross the blood-brain barrier. BioThrive’s ALERT blends together rosemary, petitgrain and grapefruit to give a revitalising boost.

BioThrive | Staying Alert


BioThrive | How To Use | Essential Oils | Roller
BioThrive | How To Use | Essential Oils | Massage

There are a variety of ways that essential oils are commonly used: diffusion, topical (skin) application and baths. While there may be common methods of use, it is important to read the label and instructions specific to each essential oil blend to ensure you can gain the best health benefit.


ALERT comes to you in a roller top for ease of application. Apply to pulse points, such as temples, behind ears or nape of neck. ALERT can also be applied to a disposable cotton ball, handkerchief, cloth or other material. 


Please note as this is an essential oil, it may cause staining to oil sensitive materials.

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