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What Makes BioThrive Innovative?

Our products combine a unique blend of natural ingredients with targeted functional benefits which are not currently available in the market. Advances in food technology allow BioThrive's supplements to be the first to combine these ingredients in a one product consumable format.

Why BioThrive is Better Than the Rest

There is no direct comparison to the BioThrive range that we can recognise. Our supplements formulations draw on extensive research and scientific data to provide an absolutely unique product. 



Shift work takes place on a schedule outside the traditional working day. It can involve evening or night shifts, early morning shifts, and rotating shifts. Many industries rely heavily on shift work, and millions of people work in jobs that require shift schedules.

This sector is of growing concern in terms of workerwellbeing with no health supplement solution specifically designed for this cohort. Having worked closely with shift workers in the provision of a very successful and unique shift Worker Support Programme one of our co-founders identified a nutraceutical solution to meet this need. In an international desk review of provision for this niche area it was evident that the proposed product line was truly unique.


Angela and Alan have worked with each other for many years, and joined together to found BioThrive, which has today brought to market a range of unique, innovative products aimed at aiding the health and wellbeing of shift workers.



Alan has worked for the last thirty years growing and managing distribution and services businesses in Ireland and the UK. He has brought this commercial experience to bear in the creation of BioThrive.

Alan has significant relevant experience in Sales, Marketing, Operations, Supply Chain, HR, IT and Finance.



Angela is an Occupational Psychologist who has worked with a span of multinational organisations for over 25 years.


She has observed first-hand the unique challenges which shift workers face. Understanding the difficulties so intimately, she became determined to harness the academic and scientific worlds and bring solutions to help those involved better manage. This led to the development of a range of formulations each with targeted areas of support purposefully engineered to aid those working shift.

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